MySQL Database support on the server

We provide MySQL relational databases on our unix based servers only.

In order for you to setup a database you need to inform us at Please put your account name in the subject of all correspondence to  Please include in your e-mail the following details:
  1.  database name:
  2.  username:
  3.  password:

You do not need to use the same username and password as the ones you are using for your account.  In fact, we encourage you to use a different username and password as you will need to have this information in your scripts.  Please understand that if a particular database or username is already present on the server, then we will ask you to provide us with another username or database name.

We do not allow command line access to change the state of a file or Database.   You will have to write a cgi script in either perl or use php to access the database.  Here are some sample scripts in perl:

The above scripts are only examples to help get you started.  We cannot support the perl DBI or php ourselves.  There are plenty of resources available on the Internet that will help you in that area.  Below are some links that may be helpful:

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