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"Standard" autoresponders are the most commonly used by web sites. Your virtual account comes with many free standard autoresponders which are configurable through your website console.  With standard autoresponders, each email address has a preconfigured auto-response.  Auto Responding for your Virtual Domain can be very easily configured using the console utility.  Like Email Forwarding, AutoResponders simply take the address of the autoresponding name, and the name of a file that will be automatically sent back to the person.

After choosing the "Auto Responders" option on the console menu, you'll be presented with a screen that looks similar to below: File Name (/Mail/AutoResp/[filename]) Address to mail request message to

Simply fill in the appropriate information and submit the form to update your account's autoresponders. The third field in this form, is optional. You may use it, to specify where you would like the original message being sent to the autoresponders, to be sent to.

Note: The AutoResponder file you enter, must exist, in ASCII format, in your /Mail/AutoResp directory. Simply upload the file you want sent back via the autoresponder, to that directory.

Also, please note that when the autoresponder is used, the name of the file in the /Mail/AutoResp directory, will appear as the Subject of the returning message. If you would like this changed, at the top line of the file, insert the following:

From:<What you want the reply to address to be>
Subject: <what you want the subject to be>

Where <what you want the subject to be> is what you want the actual subject line to be.

Autoresponders transactions are logged, to the file "autoresponder.log", which will be created in your /logs/ directory. It will have the following format:

time     date     <file requested>    <email address>

where <email address> is the address of the person who sent mail to the autoresponder.

Special Note: The mail server may take up to 1 hr to complete your changes.


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