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Current Disk Space/Storage Limits

What is this Current disk usage table?

The Current Disk Usage table, looks something like the following:

Current Disk Usage and Storage Limits
Current Used Space Storage Limit Current # of Files Files Limit
19012 Kb 40000 Kb 1248 5000

Old Logfiles Retained

What does the Current space table show?

This table is to show your current disk space being used, the current storage limit (disk quota) for your account, the number of files stored currently in your account and your file (quota) limit.

Can my storage and files limit be changed?

You should be able to change your storage and file limits, through the Webmaster Controls link, located in your console utility.

What is the retained logfiles box for?

This field, is used to specify how many days worth of raw website logs, should be retained for you, in your account. These logs are located in your /logs directory. By default, the last 5 days of logs will be kept. You can change this, by changing the number in the field, and submitting the information. This change is made immediately, and will start the new retention, beginning with the current day's logs.

If you have questions regarding your Disk space or quotas, please send email to and be sure to include the following information:

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