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How do I install Discus on my site?

You will need to install the ftpdiag.cgi script from your account console.

Where do the files get copied?

The ftpdiag.cgi script will be installed into your /htdocs/cgi-bin directory

To complete the install, type the following into the address bar to customize the script to your site:


About the FTPDIAG.CGI script.

Don't just accept our guesses without reviewing them (and changing them if necessary)!

Most of the information is correct, just make sure that the directories are how you want them to be within your account for the admin portion and for the html pages.

What next?

Next you will want to download the customized script in a format your computer will understand.  After downloading, you will need to unzip(unarchive) the file.  The rest of the instructions for installing the script are in this archive.  If you are not sure on how to complete one of the steps, send an email to with your domain name and any questions you may have.

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