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Guestbook FAQ

How do I install this script for my Web?

You will need to install this script through your console.

Can I be notified by mail when a new guest signs my book?

Yes, set the $mail variable to 1 as shown below.

$mail = 1; # 1 = Yes; 0 = No

If you set mail to 1 be sure the below variables are set as follows!

$mailprog = '/usr/lib/sendmail';
$recipient = '';

Can I allow/deny HTML within the guestbook?
You can allow or deny HTML postings in your guestbook by setting the $allow_html variable to 1 for allow and 0 to deny as shown below


$allow_html = 1; # 1 = Yes; 0 = No


$allow_html = 0; # 1 = Yes; 0 = No

Where do the files get installed to?

The Script itself gets installed to the /htdocs/cgi-bin/msaguestbook directory.

The html documents associated with the script get copied into /htdocs/msaguestbook.  Here is a short description of the files.

addguest.html - This is the page used to sign the guestbook

guestbook.html - The page containing all of your guests signatures

guestlog.html - This is a short log containing all guests even those that had errors during submission.

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