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Mime Configuration

How do I add certain Mime Types to my account?

You can configure your own mime types for your account. First try to download the file in question in your browser without configuring the mime type; if all you get is binary gibberish dumped to your screen, you know that you need to manually configure the mime type. When you configure a mime type, your configuration only works for that individual directory. You must configure each directory separately. Get a text editor.
Create a file called .htaccess
Insert a line like:
AddType application/x-gtar .gtar Some points to note. AddType is the keyword. application/x-gtar is an example only. You would actually use the mime type you are trying to configure. The final value is the file extension you want the server to recognize as that type. To add more than one file extension for the same type, just separate the extensions with a space. Make sure you put a carriage return at the end of each line ( very important). To configure more than one mime type, just add another line to the file.

What is an .htaccess file?

An .htacces file is used to do a number of things for your account.  The most common uses are for Mime Type Configuration, and to password protect certain directories.

How do I make the .htaccess file for my account?

To make an .htaccess file for your account use a text editor(like notepad) and save the file as .htaccess without an extension(like .txt .doc)

How do I set my account up so I can download executables?
In order to download executables(.exe files) from your domain, you must first configure the correct Mime type and put it in your .htaccess file in the directory you wish to make the downloads from.

For .exe files only, add the following line to your .htaccess file:

(it is a good idea to copy and paste the following line)

AddType application/octet-stream exe

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