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Requesting a New FTP/Console Password

Where do I change my console password?

You should be able to change your password, in your account's console utility. You should see a link for "Request a new FTP/Console Access Password". Select this, to get to the form to change your password.

How do I change my console password?

You will see a form, like the following, in the "Request a new FTP/Console Access Password" link, in your console:

Enter Password:
Enter new password:
Re-enter the new password for verification:

You will need to enter in your current password in the first field, the new password you want to have, in the second field, and the new password again, in the third field, for verification. Once that is done, submit the changes, by clicking the submit button below the form, and your information will be sent to be changed.

How do I change my sub account's console password?

In your sub account's console, You will see, in the same link mentioned above, the same type of field as above, with the exception of your first field. It will look something like the following:

Enter main or sub-account Password:

This states, that if you are the main account, you can use the password for your main account, to change your sub account's password. This will give you control, over the access for your sub account.

How long will it take for the new password to take effect?

This change, is done realtime, and will take effect immediately. You will not have to wait a period of time for this change.

If you have problems with changing your password, please send email to and be sure to include the following information:

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