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Pop3 Configuration

What is a pop3 account?
There are two kinds of email addresses, email forwarding addresses ( virtual email) and email addresses that actually store mail messages as files on a server ( a POP3 account). For example, if you send a message to your virtual address that forwards mail to the pop3 account you have with your ISP,, the actual message sent to would be invisibly rerouted to's server, where you would retrieve it using your account. Thus, a forwarding address just passes mail on to a destination pop3 account, while a pop3 account actually stores mail.

Most people use email forwarding, which can be set up in your console. To set up a POP3 account, please send us an email with the address you would like to use at your domain and a password. We will set up your POP account and notify you when it is ready.  

When you connect to the mail server to retrieve your mail, your email client configuration will be:

Incoming Mailserver:
Username: youraddress
Password: anotherpassword

Note: The mail server may take up to 24 hr to complete your changes.


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