What happens when my POP3 account goes over my quota limit?

    When your POP3 account receives email that causes it go over your account limit you cannot receive any more mail until a few steps are taken.  A <>popname.stage file is created when the account receives email that causes it to go over the account limit. All email is then forwarded and  stored in a compressed format in this file. While this file exists it tells the user that his account is still over the designated quota limit.
    You can then take either one of the two following steps to rectify the problem.  Either through your console allocate more disk space for your account, or you can access your email account and delete your old files so that the account is no longer over the quota limit.
If you are a sub account holder you cannot increase your own disk space, you need to contact your main account holder to do so. If you are a  main account holder you can increase your own or sub accounts disk usage and limits, provided that you have disk space available. To do so you need to access your console and follow the link for WEBMASTER CONTROLS. Once their you can reset the limits on your own account or a subaccount having problems with receiving email.
   If you are not sure whether the reason you cannot receive email is because of a quota problem you can check and look for the <>popname.stage file. If it exists for a email account then you can determine for sure that the problem is related to a quota issue. To look for the <>popname.stage file you access your console and follow the link to WEBMASTER CONTROLS. Here click on the Browse Directory for either the main account or the subaccount for which the email is not being received. Follow the link to the Mail Directory of the account and click on POPMAIL. If you see a <>popname.stage file at this point then for sure you know that the problem is related to quota and can be rectified using the above stated method.

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