This FAQ describes how to telnet into your account for troubleshooting of POP3 Problems. Please attempt this only if you are having problems accessing your Email. If you would like to learn more about Telnet, please select here--TELNET INFO

You will need to know how to use telnet, this FAQ assumes you have some knowledge of Telnet and how it operates.

1.  Open a Telnet Session and connect to the mailserver for your domain.   This should be YOURNAME.com pop3.  If done correctly you will receive a message that says:

Connected to YOURDOMAIN.com

2.  Now you will select which POP account you would like to log into.  For instance if you would like to coonect to the mailbox info@yourdomain.com, the command for this is:

user info

3.  Next you will need to enter a password for that mail account.  If the password for info was avacado the command to enter the password would be:

pass avacado

4.  If this process was done correctly you should now be logged into the mail account.  You also should have received a message containing the number of messages in the mailbox.

5.  Now that you are logged in you can hit enter to get a list of available


If you experience any problems while trying to telnet to your POP3 account, please send an Email to help@megaton.net with a detailed explanation of what happened when you attempted to log in.

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