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This section of the Megaton Help is to explain how to install the prewritten scripts into your accounts. This is one of the most powerful features a webmaster at Megaton has at their disposal.

Here is a quick rundown on how to install our Pre-Installed scripts, from your console utility

After selecting "Install System-Wide CGI Scripts" from your console, you will be presented with the following screen:

Install Overwrite CGI Description
bnbform.cgi Forms Handler (many features)
cgiemail Forms Handler (very fast)
ftpdiag.cgi Guestbook (Discuss) Installer Program
dreamcounter Counter (by Dream Catchers)
msaguestbook Guestbook (from Matts Script Archive)
msasearch SimpleSearch (from Matts Script Archive)
perlshop Shopping Cart (PerlShop)
smart Shopping Cart (s-mart)
wwwcount Fast Counter with support for many digit types

All that's required is that you select the box next to the script that you wish to install, in the "Install" column, and press the INSTALL button. If a previous attempt to install the script has failed, or you wish top start over, please select BOTH the checkboxes, INSTALL AND OVERWRITE, and then press the INSTALL BUTTON.

Once this has been completed, see the help page for the specific script that you have installed on your website for finishing your configuration.

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