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What is Frontpage?

Microsoft FrontPage® is the world's leading Web site management and creation tool and combines ease of use, innovative imaging tools, and seamless integration with the Microsoft Office family of applications. Whether creating personal Web pages or professional intranet and Internet sites, FrontPage delivers a complete solution for creating and managing Web sites that get noticed. If you need more information on Frontpage and what it is used for follow the link below to Microsoft's page.

What are Frontpage Extensions?

The FrontPage Server Extensions are a set of programs on the Web server that support:

1.   Authoring FrontPage webs. For example, when an author moves a page from one folder to another in a FrontPage web, the Server Extensions automatically update all hyperlinks to that page from every other page and Microsoft Office document in the FrontPage web, directly on the Web server machine.

2.   Administering FrontPage webs. For example, a FrontPage web administrator can specify which users can administer, author or browse a FrontPage web.

3.   Browse-time FrontPage web functionality. For example, users of a FrontPage web can participate in a discussion group. The Server Extensions will maintain an index of hyperlinks to articles in the discussion,separate discussion threads, tables of contents, and search forms to locate pages of interest.

At this moment you might ask what is a front page web? A FrontPage web is a project containing all the pages, images, and other files that make up a Web site.

Why are Frontpage Extensions helpful?

The design of the FrontPage client and Server Extensions minimizes the need for costly file transfers over the Internet. When an author using the FrontPage Explorer opens a FrontPage web from a Web server containing the Server Extensions, information about the FrontPage web, such as its hyperlink map, is downloaded to the client machine so that the FrontPage Explorer can display the information. However, the full set of pages and other files that comprise the FrontPage web remain on the Web server machine. A page is only downloaded over the Internet when it is opened for editing in the FrontPage Editor. This is a very efficient mechanism: an entire Web site can be changed directly on a Web server at the cost of downloading and editing a single file.

When a Web server machine has the FrontPage Server Extensions, FrontPage web authoring and administering functionality is available from a PC or Macintosh computer that has the FrontPage client program and that is on the Internet or an a local Intranet. The browse time functionality of the Server Extensions is available from any Web browser on the Internet or Intranet.

How does my computer link up with the server for using these extensions?

Communications between a client computer and a Web server containing the Server Extensions uses the same open, ubiquitous HTTP protocol that Web browsers on a client computer use to interact with a Web server. No file-sharing access on the Web server machine is needed, nor are FTP or telnet access required. No proprietary file system sharing calls are necessary.

How do I get Frontpage Extensions installed?

To get Frontpage extensions all you need to do is send an email to our staff at We will then install the Front Page Extensions for you.

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