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WS_FTP - File Transfer Protocol

Many webmasters haven't used FTP or File Transfer Protocol before, so here is a quick tutorial on how to quickly and efficiently upload your files to your account.

All of the illustrations that follow are using a free product called WS_FTP. This FTP program is available by selecting here.

After opening the WS_FTP program, a seesion properties/connect screen will open. Here are the necessary items to fil in the text boxes:

Profile Name: this is just the name you use for the different ftp accounts you may have, you may use anything here, your choice.

Host Name/Address: this is where you put your domain name, no WWW needed. You can also put your ip address if you prefer.

Host Type: this can be set to UNIX, or automatic detect.

User ID: this is your username.

Password: this is your password that you provided us when you signed up.




You will connect after a few seconds, then you will see the above screen. On the left is the "Local System", which is your computers hard drive, and on the right is the "Remote System", or our server. Any files you wish to upload will go in the HTDOCS folder. To browse thru your directory structure, double click on the folder to open the directory.

To transfer files from your computer to our server, first find the file(s) on the left side of the screen by browsing your hard drive. Once you have located the file to transfer, just highlight the file by clicking on it once, then hit the arrow in the middle of the screen which points to our server. The file will then transfer.

In some instances, you may need to change permissions on the file uploaded, to make it accessible by both your main account, and a sub account, or to make it executable, such as a CGI script. For that, you will need to use the CHMOD fuction of WS_FTP. To utilize this, click on the file needing the permissions changed, with your left mouse button once, then once with your right mouse button. A menu should show with the CHMOD(Unix) option there. Upon selecting that, you should see a menu show up, like the following:

If these steps didn't work for you, or you have a different browser/version, or need any assistance please contact Megaton customer support.

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