Email Limitations on POP3 Accounts

Why can I not download some messages and view  them?

This problem could be due to quota limitations. Firstly the account could have reached its quota limit and this would definitely  cause this problem to arise. If the account has gone over the quota please take a look at our FAQ on the .stage file that gets setup and this will provide with more information on how to rectify this problem. Here is the link for that site  Quota problems .
However this problem could be due to another reason. That is a particular message might not be accessible. The reason for this could be due to the size of the message. If the size of the message is bigger than 10% of the allocated space for an account then that message cannot be delivered and bounces back to the sender. This does not mean that the size of all messages totaled together have to be less than 10% of the disk space allocated to the account. However it implies that  an individual message cannot be bigger than 10% of the total disk space.  If you have this particular problem with a message you can rectify it by increasing the disk space allocated to the account. You can increase the disk space used by the account through your "Webmaster Controls"  in your console or if you are already consuming all your disk space you can apply for more through "Order Additional Services".

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