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Your Home/Root Directory

Once you logon through FTP, You'll notice the following directories in your account

htdocs/ This is the root of your website
cgi-bin/ This is your CGI program area.
This directory actually resides in htdocs/
Mail/ Mail functions configuration directory
logs/ Server Logfiles are stored here
dev/ System Use Only
bin/ System Use Only
lib32/ System Use Only
etc/ System Use Only

logs/ For Main Virtual Domain Accounts Only. This is where your server logfiles are kept.

Every evening at midnight PST, your daily log files are archived and compressed into one .zip file named, according the the month (MM), day (DD), and year (YY) of the log files that it holds. The .zip method of compression is widely supported on all platforms. Archived log files are stored by the server for 5 days and then are purged from the system. Additionally, every evening a stats.MMDDYY file is created in your logs directory which contains some vital statistics about your website's accesses for the last 24 hour period. Yahoo! ( has a nice list of Log Analysis Tools that you may be able to use to create reports from the raw datafiles provided with your website.

cgi-bin/ This is the directory where you should put all of your cgi scripts. Currently we support PERL5 (/usr/local/bin/perl) with the Berkley dB, and GDBM database modules, and the UNIX shells SH, BASH, and TCSH. A few important notes:

See: FTP tutorial


PopMail/ POP3 Mail Directory
AutoResp/ Autoresponder configuration directory